Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Dream Nude Lip Combination!!

Hey everyone!

So since I became natural I have been paying more attention to detail. I have started to invest in things like makeup and accessories just to help me feel a bit more feminine when my hair was short. It’s kinda stayed with me and recently I went shopping to buy some new products.

I brought Sleek Makeup’s Face Contour Kit. It come’s in three shades and I brought the Medium one.
I felt in need of a contour kit after watching Pixiwoo’s channel on YouTube where they advised that a lot of people make the mistake of using their bronzer as their contour colour (which I do!) and that this ruins the effect due to the orange undertone of bronzers. So I was thinking “humm...what colours gonna work for me then?” As the pixiwoo ladies are lighter then I am. When I went into Superdrug I was happy to see this contour kit for £8 (I think??) and the brown looked like a true brown that would make a good contour colour for me. Sleek Makeup and a relatively new makeup brand that cater to tanned to darker skin tones for quite a reasonable price so I was happy with that. The colours look good on my hand but now we just have to see if they look as good on my face...? I hope so!

I also brought 3 new nail varnishes from Superdrug from Collection 2000. Now I don’t usually buy makeup from collection 2000 as I think that their makeup looks quite cheap but the colours looked really cool. The colours that I brought were from the new Hot collection and they are: Fruit Salad, Pama Violet and Mint Mojo. They cost £1.79 each so I thought to myself you can’t really go wrong if you don’t like them but I’m sure I will.

I completely ran out of my Loreal Double Extend Tube Mascara. How I loved that Mascara, it made my eye lashes look amazing!! I thought that I’d give another mascara a try though so I brought Maybelline New York XXL PRO Extensions Micro-Fibre Mascara. Result = disappointment! I wish that I just stuck to my original Mascara!! I mean, it separates your lashes just fine but it doesn’t give you the false lash effect like Loreal does. I do not wear makeup every day, so when I do wear it, I want it to make a significant difference! Needless to say I won’t be buying that mascara again.

Finally I brought Rimmel London Lipstick in Birthday Suit. This colour is a bit darker then the Nude delight that i wear most days but I thought that I would give it a try any way as it looks quite pretty. It’s different for me so we’ll see how I go...

While I’m here, let me tell you about my new favourite lip gloss, it’s Rimmel Vinyl Gloss and I can’t see a colour on it, I think that the number is 290. It is the BEST! I already have pouty lips, but this gloss makes them extra extra pouty and I’d recommend it to anyone. This gloss along with Nude Delight is my dream lip combination!! I was wearing this combination in my Lioness Mane video, click here to see:

So that’s my mimi shopping spree for the day. I promise you that there will be millions more to come!!

Much love!!




  1. Ive heard so much about the Sleek products they look great I wish they did them here in Ireland...bummer :(
    The Rimmel Vinyl Gloss is good isn't it I have one looks fab on you hun!


  2. They are quite a new company, I've only seen them in Superdrug since last year. I'm sure that they'll make their way over to you guys soon :) xx p.s. thank you! Your makeup looked lovely too on your blog! x