Monday, 23 May 2011

Amazing view from a concrete jungle!

Sometimes you need to stop in order to appreciate the priceless things in life! Check out the view from my bedroom window! What an amazing view from a concrete Jungle!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

How To Exfoliate Your Scalp

Hey guys!

So I kept my cane row in for 3 weeks straight and even though I washed my hair with them in, it was definitely time for a deep clean wash when I took them out!

I love exfoliating my scalp as much as I love exfoliating my the skin on my face and the rest of my body as it gets rid of all the dead skin that would other wise just sit there or flake (not very attractive!!)

There are no real rules here apart from using sea salt or a substance thick enough (such as brown sugar) to exfoliate with and an oil of choice. If you suffer with dandruff on a regular basis I particularly recommend the use of tea tree oil in order to kill any bacteria that may be living on the scalp. Other oils that act as anti bacterial agents are vitamin E oil, rosemary oil and peppermint oil.

All the best with this guys, try this method once every week or two and you should notice a difference in how your scalp looks and feels!

Since making this video and washing my hair, I have put my hair in two simple braids and I will leave it like this for a couple of days before I manipulate it again and try out Bantu knots with Miss Jessies for the first time so Stay tuned for that...

Much Love

Lei xx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Back to the old blog!

Hey guys!

I know that some of you were wondering what exactly happend to my blog??

Well the answer is that I switched it over to my old blog as it's easier to update so hopefully I can blog more often from now on!

I have had my braids in for a while now, approaching 3 weeks! This is why you haven't seen anything from me but hold tight! As soon as I take them out, you'll be the first to know what I do! In the mean time, feel free to send me any suggestions!

Take care everyone

Lei xx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Styling Advice for Transitioners, Newly Naturals and Naturals

Hey everyone

I decided to record a short video today about styling.  This is because I was speaking with a friend of mine last night about feeling feminine whilst going natural.  This is a number one fear that a lot of women face when making that bold decision to go natural as I know that I certainly feared looking like a boy if I were to do the big chop!  In order for me to change my perception of beauty I started to save lots of pictures of beautiful women with short hair like Amber Rose and Solange who both looked absolutely stunning without hair and these images totally boosted my condfidence about doing my big chop and being confident with it. 

 Something else that I did was look at beautiful women with long hair to inspire and encourage me about my hair goals and where I wanted to go in my hair journey!  I looked at images of Goapele, Alicia Keys and even Beyonce when she had afro hair.  These pictures helped to reprogramme my minds perception of beauty and I’d encourage you to do the same. 

Going natural is your time to be creative and have fun with your new looks.  The transition and TWA (tiny winy afro) period will be over before you know it so just enjoy it, take loads of pictures so that you can look back and see just how far you’ve come in a short space of time because believe me, time flies by!!!

Be Inspired!!!
Much Love

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Goapele Inspired Hair (10 months natural)

Hey everyone!

Well today I’m super excited as I got the chance to wear one of my hair inspirations hairstyles. 
I absolutely love singer Goapele’s natural hair styles.  She is a really naturally beautiful woman and she rocks her natural hair with pride!!  I will be 10 months natural tomorrow on the 19th September and this is a fantastic protective style that should last me a while (I hope).  I will definitely be trying out more of Goapele’s hairstyles as I think that they are so original, earthy and quite frankly, are what my hair is designed to do.  I wish that there were more women in the public eye representing like this!!

Walking down the street with this hair I got soo many looks, some people stopped to compliment me and some people just stared at me in a daze LOL.  I don’t care though, I love this style on me and I’m proud to rock it!!
With that said, I hope that you enjoy this hairstyle as much as I am and maybe even give it a try yourself!

Much love as always



Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I love the Giovanni Shampoo and Conditioner Brand!!!

I have been using the Giovanni brand for the last two weeks and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it!!! I couldn’t wait to do the review to show you how soft and lovely it makes my hair!  Now obviously you feel how soft and lovely it is so you’ll just have to take my word for it! HA!  The ingredients to these products are all natural so they can be used care free!  They also work very effectively for our hair!
The 50:50 Balanced Shampoo for normal to dry hair (was £7.99 now on sale for £6.39) is a sulphate free shampoo so it does not strip our hair of all of it’s moisture causing dryness and inevitably breakage!  Therefore, this product could be used every day with no guilt trip! 
Aqueous (water) extracts of rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis) oil, nettle (uritica dioica) oil, thyme (thymus vulgaris) oil, birch leaf (butula alba) oil, chamomile (anthemis nobilus flower) oil, clary (salvia sclarea), lavender (lavandula angustifolia), coltsfoot leaf (tussilago farfara), yarrow (achillea millefolium) oil, mallow (malva sylvestris), horsetail (equistertum arvense) oil, soybean protein (glycine Soja), c12-14 olefin sulfonate (coconut derived), cocamidopropyl betaine, tocopherol (vitamin E), trace minerals, citric acid (corn), sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, sodium chloride (sea salt), grapefruit seed (citrus derived)
There are several different shampoo’s by Giovanni.  I purchased the shampoo for normal to dry hair and I was very happy with it. 
The Direct Leave-In Conditioner (was £7.99 now on sale for £6.39) likewise has all natural ingredients and it works as a detangler to our hair.  It also kept my hair feeling soft for days!  It smells lovely and I will definitely be purchasing this product again!
Aqua (purified water) with **Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, *rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) oil, *nettle (Uritica dioica) oil, *thyme (Thymus vulagris) oil, birch leaf (Butela alba) oil, *chamomile (Anthemis nobilus flower) oil, *clary (Salvia sclarea), *lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), *coltsfoot leaf (Tussilago farfara), *yarrow (Achillea millefolium) oil, *mallow (Malva sylvestris), *horsetail (Equistetum arvense) oil, *soybean protein (Glycine soja), cetyl alcohol (plant derived), tocopherol (vitamin E), panthenol (pro vitamin B5), trace minerals, citric acid (corn), sodium hydroxymethyglycinate, grapefruit seed (citrus derived), fragrance from essential oils.

I purchased both products from:
I am so happy that I have found a leave in that actually works!  The ingredients are all natural so that I don’t have to worry about them!  I recommend these products to you all J xx

Much Love

Monday, 13 September 2010


Just a quick video to give some credit where it's due!  I was so happy when I got a message from a new friend of mine telling me that she is taking the bold step today, to go to work for the first time with her natural hair (TWA = tiny winy afro!) on display for the first time in 24 years!  This takes a lot of courage in a society where naturally kinky, curly, afro hair is not the socially accepted norm!  I know exactly how scary this can feel but also how liberating and powerful it can feel too! So congratulations to my new friend, I am so honored to be sharing your natural hair journey with you, and also to anyone else who has taken the bold step to become newly natural!

Much love and God Bless

Levina xxx