What is the "Big Chop"?

To cut (chop) off a large amount of chemically enhanced hair until either bald or only a small amount of your natural hair is left is known as a big chop.

I did my big chop on 19th November 2009 after almost 3 months of transitioning. To transition is to make a decision to no longer chemically alter your hair and grow your hair out until it is fully natural or, until you are ready to cut all of your relaxed ends completely off.

It was my original intention to be a long term transitioner. This would allow my hair to grow out gradually, and I would trim regularly until all of the relaxed ends were completely trimed away and I would be completely natural.  However this was not the case.  I found it frustrating to work with two different textures of hair on one head and I desperately wanted to see what my natural curl pattern was so I cut my hair completely off!

Contemplating my big chop.  Whilst transitioning I eagerly awaited for my hair to grow and I checked everyday to see if I could notice a curl pattern.  There was no imediate sign of a curl pattern and I waited for a few months.  It got to a stage whereby I was about 2 and a half months natural and I couldn't take it any more, the suspense was killing me.  So I got my hair cutting scissors and began to cut my hair line.  I only cut enough so that a head band could cover it and thats exactly what I did for the next couple of weeks.  Cover my hair line with a large head band until I finally grew bold enough to completely chop off all my hair.

The Morning After My BC!

The morning after my big chop, I was still filled with emotion.   I have had long hair all my life regardless of if I had used chemicals for my mane or not.  This is the shortest hair style that I had ever had since birth! 

It was hard to get used to my new reflection.  I began experimenting with different types of makeup to help me feel a bit more feminine.  Prior to my big chop I also saved some pictures onto my hard drive of Solange and Amber Rose for inspiration.  In my opinion, they were two very beautiful and extemely confident women with no hair and I wanted to have that same confident feeling with my new look.

My intention was to re-programme my mind's perception of beauty and show myself that I did not need hair in order to look beautiful. 

If there could be one tip that I'd give to any one who is considering doing a big chop, it would be to start reprogramming there minds too with images of beautiful women with no hair.  When your personal perception of beauty changes, other peoples perceptions of beauty will not have a strong hold over you.

Big Chop Tip No.1 Love yourself!

For more insight and blogs on my feelings about becoming natural, please visit my blog: www.lionessmane.blogspot.com

 "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots."
Hon. Marcus Garvey