Thursday, 2 September 2010

6 Months Natural Hair Introduction, My First Spoken Youtube Video!

This is a video I made to show everyone my natural hair. I went out in public and showed my natural hair for the first time when I got the BC in November and I remember feeling so liberated. However, when my hair started to grow I began to think to myself "Oh no! What am I gonna do now?" I had absolutely no idea what to do with my hair at all! No clue how to style it or anything. I knew that I wanted to be natural and I never wanted a relaxer again but I also knew that I didn't want to step outside looking like a hot mess!!

I mean just because you have natural hair, it doesn't mean that it has to look all scruffy and horrible I still wanted to look nice. I had this crazy fear within me so one day I thought to myself you know what, instead of having this dumb ass fear I'm gonna record myself and put it on youtube. I thought to myself this way the whole world will be able to see me, I can't decide who clicks on my video or not and I really didn't care. I had to shake of my stupid fear and just deal with it, kill it DEAD!

There is a saying that I like to use and it's "Feel the fear and do it anyway!" (by Joyce Meyer). When I uploaded the video I felt so liberated and free that I felt that I could actually step outside my house with my afro hair on display and not care what anyone would have to say about it as potentially, anyone in the world could see my hair now!

It's actually funny to think that I got the order backwards. My brother makes fun of me saying that "you didn't want to go to the corner shop without your headscarf on but you put your natural hair on the world wide web!" lol Well "do what you've got to do!" Thats what I say!

So this is exactly what I did. If your deciding that you want to go natural or you are natural and are still feeling emotional or unsure about showing your hair to the world. Be encouraged, you'll feel amazing and powerful when you take this first step. If all else fails, feel the fear and do it anyway!! You'll be glad that you did!!

Love and God Bless xxxx

P.s. if you need to contact me you can add me on facebook "Lioness Mane" or send me a private message on youtube :)

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