Saturday, 18 September 2010

Goapele Inspired Hair (10 months natural)

Hey everyone!

Well today I’m super excited as I got the chance to wear one of my hair inspirations hairstyles. 
I absolutely love singer Goapele’s natural hair styles.  She is a really naturally beautiful woman and she rocks her natural hair with pride!!  I will be 10 months natural tomorrow on the 19th September and this is a fantastic protective style that should last me a while (I hope).  I will definitely be trying out more of Goapele’s hairstyles as I think that they are so original, earthy and quite frankly, are what my hair is designed to do.  I wish that there were more women in the public eye representing like this!!

Walking down the street with this hair I got soo many looks, some people stopped to compliment me and some people just stared at me in a daze LOL.  I don’t care though, I love this style on me and I’m proud to rock it!!
With that said, I hope that you enjoy this hairstyle as much as I am and maybe even give it a try yourself!

Much love as always




  1. Your hair turned out absolutely beautiful. I had to check out the pictures on your blog to see the different angles. I love it!

  2. lol thanks Kerry I'm glad that you liked it :) xx

  3. That is deadly looking...really beautiful!